Changing the Conversation in Education

EdisonLearning is a leading international educational services provider. For nearly a generation, we have been at the forefront of some the most dramatic changes in America’s public education system.

As a pioneer of charters, longer school days, and research-based curricula; to school turnaround initiatives, virtual and blended learning, and now the leading dropout recovery program – Bridgescape Academies – we believe that every child can learn, and that every child is capable of success.

Unlike others in our industry, we do not shy away from the tough jobs. We serve the most challenging urban schools and districts in the United States.

Our outcomes are not solely based on student test scores – but on graduation rates, college acceptances, and meaningful jobs. In doing so - we save lives.

This is what EdisonLearning does:

School Management Services

  • Partners with states, districts and charter schools to improve under-performing schools.
  • Offers a spectrum of services from fully managed schools to targeted consulting.
  • Implements the EdisonLearning “Whole School Design” to enhance the learning environment and professional staff to drive superior student outcomes.

Virtual & Blended Learning

  • EdisonLearning eCourses & eSchoolware support all of our virtual and blended learning programs, and can be customized for specific schools and districts
  • Provost Academy provides state-chartered online middle and high school instruction and curriculum offering personalized learning plans and flexible schedules.

Alternative Education

  • Bridgescape Academies provide at-risk students, or those who have already left school because difficult life circumstances interrupted their education, a blended learning environment tailored to drive highter academic achievement and graduation rates.

A legacy of partnership and innovation

EdisonLearning continues a legacy of implementing the most innovative and extensive portfolio of proven K-12 school designs used in public education – focusing on establishing a school environment that promotes student learning and success; a full and rich curriculum; and the ongoing training and professional development of high performing administrators and teachers.

During the 2014-15 school year, EdisonLearning is partnering with more than 280 schools and 11 school districts in 17 states, as well as in the United Kingdom. Through these partnerships, EdisonLearning is helping to educate more than 100,000 students.